We  have been told to create a performance of the Olympic Games. We have been working  for a while in several groups developing the different tasks.

To begin with, the first group was in charge of preparing some invented games, such as anew version of the tic tac toe and the rock-paper-scissors. The second grouphad to decided the rules and the explanations of the games for the foreignstudents. The third group has created the opening ceremony for the OlympicGames, which includes preparing the torch, some performance and the initialspeech. And the last but not least, the fourth group has designed the flag, theanthem with the playlist that will be played during all the games and themascot. Also there is another group which has done the prizes, for example somemedals, sweets and a bingo.

The first days they were a little bit lost because they didn’t really know how to organize themselves, but little by little they got it!!! They had a lot of fun doing it and the results will be absolutely fantastic, they are very proud and they are really exciting about doing that activities with people all around the world.