María y Gabriela se han hecho populares en nuestro centro por ser las primeras estudiantes del IES en realizar una movilidad de larga duración en otro país con el programa Erasmus Plus. Llevan desde noviembre en Dinamarca y allí terminarán el curso escolar. Han venido a pasar las vacaciones navideñas y se han acercado al centro a publicar fotos y un resumen de su estancia en el tablón de difusión que ellas mismas prepararon antes de irse. Os dejamos fotos de todo y su resumen de dos meses de estancia en Dinamarca.


On the 2nd of November we took a flight to Skals, Denmark. The flight took 3 hours and we arrived to Copenhagen. Then, we took a train to go to Skals and that took around 6 hours.
When we arrived to Skals Efterskole the students were waiting for us and they welcomed us really well. They showed us around and helped us to settle in.
The next day we had a Halloween party in which we did a lot of different activities such as dancing, playing and throwing darts at balloons.
The classes are very different from the Spanish ones. Here, we use a lot the laptops and we do a lot of projects. The teachers explain what we have to do and they let us do it in our own rhythm and we can even go outside the classroom to do the homework. Everyday after having breakfast we have a meeting in the auditorium where the teachers tell us some news or stories about them.
Not only the classes are different but also the food, their schedules and culture. It took us a while to get used to their way of living but now we are more settled in.
At the weekends some people go back to their homes and others decide to stay here. Every weekend the teachers that stay here prepare some activities for the students that stay in the school. Some activities are just about doing exercise and others are more creative such as hide and seek, decorate things for Christmas, bake cookies…..
On the last week of November we went to visit Viborg Katedrasole, which is an international school of Bachelor. We visited it for three days and we attended its normal classes and, in the chemistry class the students showed us some experiments they had done.
This first month has been a little too difficult for us but now that we got used to this way of living we are much better and we are having a lot of fun.

December has been shorter since due to the covid-19 situation in Denmark we have had to return earlier to be able to spend Christmas in Spain. Despite this we have lived great experiences and discovered new Danish Christmas traditions. In this month we had the opportunity to see Skals with snow. We did a snowball fight with the rest of the students and some teachers and we had a lot of fun.
We went to Aalborg to visit the city, do some shopping and we also did ice skated. We enjoyed it a lot and we bought some gifts for our family.
We also went to Annika’s house, one of our dorm mates, for the long weekend. She lives in a city near the German border. We did some activities with Annika and her family, like going to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it, going for a walk in the forest, play board games and they also brought us to see a ballet show. They taught us some Christmas Danish traditions and we tried typical food of this country.
In this month some people of our classmates from our school in Spain came to Skals for a week to do an exchange with them. We spend some time with them and it was really funny.
In this second month we are more used to this type of classes and the routines of this country. The classes are really interesting. One day María played bingo and sang Christmas songs and Gabriela played a game in which all the class had to be a team because we had to find 16 tangerines to get a prize. And with the rest of the school we are preparing some Danish and English Christmas song to sing in the Christmas party. Everyday there are some Christmas activities to create decorations for our houses.