Our high school has been awarded with an Erasmus scholarship, and we have been given the opportunity to improve our english level, to make new friends and to travel to other different country as they are Poland and Greece. There are going to come students from that cultures to our high school too, and at this moment we are preparing different games to show them our culture at the same time that we will be having a good time and knowing each other.   

 One of that activities is arranging a gymkhana inside one of the most important Spanish museums: El Prado. To prepare that, we have divided our class into five groups, and each one has distinct tasks, but in general, we had to take the tickets of the museum and do a tour inside it (firstly virtual to organise it) adding some questions to create the gymkhana. As to that last work, three groups have joined together to perform it. In addition, other group is planning other tour through this wonderful and known city as Madrid is. They are going to show us the most important places of the city and they are also devising some games to keep all us entertained before enter to the museum. Also another group has created an interview to effect it to the director, but some problems arrived them and they are not going to be able to realise it to Miguel Falomir. They are waiting an email answer to see if they could do it to any other worker of the museum.   

When all this tasks will be finished, a newspaper will be done collecting all the work of the class.   

We are very excited about that project, and so proud of our work. But this hasn’t finished, and we have to continue working very hard to have it all perfectly prepared when Greeks and Polish come to IES Aguas Vivas.