Las alumnas que viajaron a Creta con el proyecto KA229 Passport yo Europe al Segundo Encuentro Transnacional nos cuentan su experiencia:

My week in Heraklion was one of the bests in my life. I enjoyed it too much, and I made really good friends. I learned about the Greek culture in places such us Knossos palace or the Archeological Museum of Heraklion, and we went to the Aquarium too. One day we decided to go to the beach, and we had a bath in Greek cold waters. I stayed with a family and felt really comfortable with them; they took Paula and me to watch the sunset at the beach. I really wanna go back sometime.Claudia Galdino

First of all, I’m very thankful to the high school and the English teachers for giving us this opportunity. The Erasmus week in Greece has been an incredible experience to meet new people, traveling to another country, practising English. The best thing in my opinion has been the people and the food. Also getting to know other cultures and exchanging opinions and thoughts. I really recommend these trips to other students and teenagers because it is just amazing. Christina Haupt

The week I lived in Heraklion with Erasmus+ Passport to Europe was a week that I will not forget in my life.
I was hosted by the family of a boy I met in the first mobility and the treatment I received there was very good and they were constantly making sure I was comfortable.
As we already knew several students who came to Spain in the first mobility, we were very well treated because they did everything they could so we had an unforgettable experience, and so was it. Some of us are planning to go back there next summer! Beatriz Sánchez

The experience i have lived in the erasmus has been something that i will never forget.I have met incredible people and i have learned so much things.I would repeat it for one thousand times.
Lucía García

The experience I lived in Greece was incredible. It couldn’t be better. I met a lot of new people and the ones I already knew were really nice with us. Besides, the trip made us to be closer. I have learned a lot and we visited many museums and places. The gastronomy was great, too. I would repeat it without thinking. Celia Serrano

This expierence helped me to meet the best people I could imagine and it also made me realise how amazing is the people I already knew. A part of me definitely stayed in Greece. Paula García

The experience I have lived in Greece has been one of my best experiences in mi life. It was excellent and I think it was an opportunity once-in-a-life. I met lot of people, also people there was very kind and nice with us, now I know that meeting other people of other countries can help you also to improve your language and to learn lots of new things like their traditions or some words in their language. I felt very comfortable. It was a unique experience and I was lucky to be there and to live and feel that experience. I had a really good time there and I would undoubtedly go back. Carla Alañón

The experience I have lived in the ERASMUS project, in a week in Greece, is something that I will never forget. I met fantactic people, practiced a lot of English and to learnt another culture. I want to repeat it! Gema Andújar

My experience in greece has been fantastic, I have met a lot of fantastic people that I will never forget, and I hope one day we will go there another time. Alba Sagüillo

For me doing this Erasmus proyect and going to greece has been one of the best experiences I have ever live,I have met wonderful people I Will never forget and I have learnt so much about their gastronomy and history. Raquel Urrutia

Thanks to the Erasmus program, I’ve had the opportunity to live one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve met wonderful people that will always take a small place inside my heart, but also I discovered from other cultures and ways of living. All in all, it was a unique and rewarding week that I would repeat without any doubt! Beatriz Teresa

My experience in Greece was very good because I met very interesting new people and I joined a lot with the people in my class. The landscapes were beautiful and the treatment at all times was good and polite.
It was a unique travel and I would repeat it a thousand times!! Cayetana Esteban